RARE - Rhetoric And Realities in CSR

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Rhetoric And Realities: Analysing Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe (RARE)

The RARE project that has now been concluded aimed to make a substantial contribution to the development of a European approach to CSR. It sought to improve the understanding of the effectiveness of CSR as a policy instrument and how CSR can in practice benefit sustainable development in the EU.


The RARE project was carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of 16 researchers, scientists and consultants from seven leading research institutions from across the EU.


The project programme included:

  • Understanding and researching CSR
  • Developing a CSR Impact Assessment tool
  • Analysing and researching CSR in four sustainable development areas: environmental protection (climate and chemicals policies), resource management, gender equality and countering bribery
  • Surveying CSR in three business sectors: the oil industry, the banking sector and the fisheries and fish processing industries
  • Researching and developing in-depth case studies on CSR impact
  • Carrying out an SME study
  • Assessing the political and public policy dimensions of CSR


The book "Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe: Rhetoric and Realities" was published by Edgar Elgar Publishing in mid 2009. It contains the core results of the RARE project.


Funding for the project was provided within the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme (Contract No. CIT2-CT-2004-506043)


The project started in June 2004 and ended in July 2007.